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Class 2 News

In English Class 2 have completed their own story starters based on George and the Dragon. The 'published' versions are all up around the classroom if you are interested in reading a few and admiring the children's beautiful handwriting and fantastic vocabulary.  They are now developing their understanding of instructions based on the Pie Corbett 'How to trap a dragon' text. So far they have written some instructions on 'How to cook a rainbow for a hob goblin!' as well as improving instructions I had written. This week they have written instructions for a circus skill linked to our Performing Arts week (more info on this below). The children's grammar has focused on time adverbials, fronted adverbials, imperative verbs and commands linked to this writing.

In maths Class 2 have finished their place value learning and have moved onto addition and subtraction. For the first 10 minutes of each maths session the children do practical maths sessions to get them focused and alert and help teach some key basic skills. Have a look at the photos below.

Finally, we couldn't let this week pass and not mention Performing Arts week! The children have thoroughly enjoyed activities such as: circus skills, That Poetry Bloke-Craig Bradley (who had us in stitches), an author/illustrator Irma Gemmell (author of The Dragon Tree) and a Dance Workshop based on our text George and the Dragon. Look at the photos below  to see the fun we have had. 


Please see the most recent Class Information letter (link on right) for more information about what we're covering this half term.

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