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Husthwaite’s Sport Development & Sport Premium Funding

The government has given all schools additional funding to promote PE in schools. We are using the funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision at Husthwaite Primary School.

Funds have been ‘pooled’ within the local cluster of primary schools to employ specialist PE coaches and PE teachers who will work in our school to:

  • Provide high quality PE lessons whilst also working alongside teachers in their lessons to increase their subject knowledge and PE skills.

  • Provide a range of extra-curricular sports clubs run by existing members of staff and specialist coaches.
(running, netball, football, multi-skills)

  • Coordinate and run cluster sporting competitions and events throughout the academic year.
(All cluster sports events cover a range of activities including cross country, tag rugby and multi-skills.)

    "The school makes good use of the additional Primary School Sport funding provided to raise standards in physical education and pupils’ physical well-being. Additional resources have been purchased and a new sports coach is helping to teach physical education lessons and support out-of-school activities. Physical education lessons are well planned and promote pupils’ skills effectively. Pupils enjoy opportunities to represent the school in team games and attending the after-school clubs."  Ofsted, October 2013

How are we making sports provision and improvements sustainable for the future?

The standard of curriculum PE has improved and continues to be reviewed (see the current PE curriculum here).

There exists a very positive attitude from children when working with the sports coach which encourages the engagement and inclusion of the children in new activities.

Positive feedback has been given by staff from working with the sports coach and they continue to gain knowledge and experience from working with this dedicated resource.

The transfer of knowledge gained from specialists is being encouraged through the recording, monitoring and modelling of good practice.

The school offers a full range of sports including a dedicated Sports Week each year (see our School Gallery here for a look at Sports Week).

The high quality equipment / resources have resulted in positive experiences of PE for the children.

Links established with local clubs signpost child onto other activities in the community (see some of these experiences on our Sports News webpage).


Sports Grant Funding

PE Grant funding received for 2017/18 is £8,330.

The planned budgeting of this grant is as follows:



Sports coach


Cluster sports coordinator


External provision for broader range of activities promoting healthier lifestyles (e.g. climbing wall, dance workshop)


Transport to sports event (due to rural location)


Swimming subsidy


Sports equipment


Other administration of PE & sporting events to promote healthy lifestyles





Budget total




Sports Grant Funding  2016/17 (Sports Premium Y4)

PE Grant funding received £8,292. Monies have been spent on the following resources:



Sports coach one day per week (April-Sept)


Cluster sports coordinator


Staff release to attend events


Provision of opportunities for pupils from Y1 to 6 to take part in inter-school and regional finals with transporting of pupils - essential because of our rural location




Netball & football posts, nets & balls


Equipment replacement including resources for Sport's Week & Sports Award




Subsidy for swimming lessons


Waterproof cameras


IT equipment for recording, monitoring & cascading good practice to all staff



Circus skills/ external activities provision


Other administration of PE acsoociated with promotion of healthy lifestyles & sporting events







PE Impact Statement 2016/17 (Sports Premium Y4)

•87% engaged in extra-curricular sport each week - in line with last year demonstrating sustainability

•13% increase of previously non-active children engaged in extra-curricular sporting activity each week -demonstrating change for life is having an impact.

•16 sports offered at an intra-sport level to children

•8 sports competed in at Level 2 (87% of children have had a Level 2 opportunity)

•56% of children leading and managing School Games activity

•All children in KS2 get the opportunity to 'Learn to Lead' in curriculum PE by leading warm ups and warm up games for their peers.

•New links have been made this year, for example with local golf club and local tennis clubs

•Local Secondary School Sports Leaders link made, KS3 children led an afterschool clubs for all children (KS1 and KS2). This provided role-model leaders for our children and helped the KS3 children accrue all their leader hours.

•Outdoor Classroom grant gained and classroom put in to enhance outdoor learning further and increase the healthy living links through the curriculum.

Other results during the year include: Netball 6th place in cluster, Football 8th place, Indoor athletics 3rd place, Hockey Y3/4 3rd place,  Hockey Y5/6 2nd place, Cricket 6th place, Rounders 6th place, Cluster athletics 3rd place, Cross country: 7 children qualified for L2 partnership level and 2 children qualified further for L3 county event


Sports Grant Funding 2015/16 (Sports Premium Y3)

PE Grant funding received £8,319. Monies have been spent on the following resources:



Sports coach one day per week


Cluster sports coordinator


Transport to sport events


Swimming subsidy


PE equipment


Sports week resources


Storage boxes


Wildlife garden improvements to enable weekly outdoor learning sessions


Additional administration costs for supporting sporting events and activities promoting a healthy lifestyle







PE Impact Statement 2015/16 (Sports Premium Y3)

•Sainsbury’s School Games Gold award achieved for a second year in a row - audited by School Games Organiser.


•The school won the Cluster Athletics Tournament for a 2nd year in a row and came 2nd in the netball tournament.


•Y5/6 came 2nd in the Cluster Indoor Athletics and made it to the finals.


•The Y3/4 Quicksticks Hockey-children finished 2nd.


•Opportunities for children to try new sports clubs were offered through the sports coach and staff. 89% of KS2 children engaged in extra-curricular sports over the year-a small rise on last year's.


•100% of children competed at Level 1 events (Intra-School) thanks to the school's Sports Week. A total of 15 different sports were provided across the year at intra level for KS2 children.


•74% of Key Stage 2 children competed at Level 2 events (Inter-School): 8 sports, 14 events.


•Better links made/advertised with clubs


•Sport made part of the weekly news and press releases


•Staff and children positive about sport and recognise the impact it can have on well-being


•Higher understanding of healthy lifestyles

•Outdoor learning introduced in all classes

•Fun and fitness club encouraged children who previously haven’t attended extra-curricular sport to join.


Sports Grant funding 2014-15

PE Grant funding received £7,774. Monies have been spent on the following resources:




Sports coach one day a week


Cluster sports coordinator


Transport to sporting events


School hockey pack


PE equipment


African dance day


Additional administration to cover PE & sporting events to promote a healthy lifestyle







PE Impact Statement 2014/15 (Sports Premium Y2)

•Sainsbury’s School Games Gold award - audited by School Games Organiser (Upgrade from 2013/2014 when we achieved silver award)

•100% of children competed at Level 1 events (Intra-School) thanks to the school's Sports Week. A total of 14 different sports were provided across the year at intra level for KS2 children.

•72% of Key Stage 2 children competed at Level 2 events (Inter-School): 8 sports, 12 events.

•The school won the Cluster Athletics Tournament.

•Level 3 events (county level) in hockey (6 children)-achieved bronze, cross country (2 children)

•Opportunities for children to try new sports clubs offered through the sports coach and staff – 83% of KS2 children engaged in extra-curricular sports over the year.

•28% of KS2 children lead sporting activity and the school has a playground squad and Sports Crew in place.

•Teachers are being upskilled so they can provide higher level PE when teaching by themselves.

•PE equipment has been introduced that provides other sports such as lacrosse that children are unlikely to have access to in their local area.